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Mojito, Mojito…

I always say this in a funny voice. Picture it now, in your head… small, slightly twanged… “Mojito, Mojito”. Did you do it? lol My first refreshing #mojito was at my good friend Jennifer’s wedding. I’m pretty sure I drank an entire pitcher by myself. #YUM! This cucumber, mint concoction was muddled up to perfection… Continue reading Mojito, Mojito…

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Smash Burger!

I. Fucking. Love. Cheeseburgers! Legit, I’m obsessed. Any and every kind. I’ve told you this before (insert blog link here). 😉 My Husband introduced me to SmashBurger at the Clifton Park, NY location and I was not disappointed at all! Mozzarella Truffle Burger and Garlic Butter Fries, I’m in Big Girl Heaven! #Winning! For a chain,… Continue reading Smash Burger!

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A Bowl of Food

I’m having a bit of writers block it seems… but that’s what it is. A bowl of food. A HelloFresh bowl of food. Here’s my review! The base is a lovely mushroom pilaf, then a bit of warmed sun-dried tomatoes. Topped with ground sausage, caramelized onions, warmed raisins, chopped parsley, shredded parmesan. When I saw all… Continue reading A Bowl of Food

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So Many Sushi’s!

I think I have a problem. I am obsessed with the Sashimi Plates at Jade Bistro , down the street from my current job. Not only is it fresh, delicious fish… they make me the best looking plates round!   And my ALL TIME FAV is Tom Yum with Seafood. I could eat it everyday!… Continue reading So Many Sushi’s!

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Give me all the burgers!

#capregionburgerbabe back again… this time at Applebees! In my effort to taste all burgers of all shapes and sizes in the Capital Region of NYS, I made my way over to my local Applebees during a lunch break and had the American Standard! Seared in: pickles, bacon & onion Piled on: American cheese and signature… Continue reading Give me all the burgers!