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August Photo Challenge

I wanted to do a photo challenge for the month of August to get my creative juices flowing so I went to good ole trusty Bing search to gain inspiration. They were all the same. I needed to do something different, of course. So, I thought back to what have I photographed the most of,… Continue reading August Photo Challenge

My Photography

Leah Jung – Tattooed Cover Model, Singing Goddess

Today is my friend and prior muse, Leah Jung, birthday! Wish her a happy birthday today on social media! (Twitter or Facebook) I wanted to show off her beauty and celebrate her on her day. She’s striking and professional and beyond photogenic. Here’s some of my prior work with Leah when I was known as… Continue reading Leah Jung – Tattooed Cover Model, Singing Goddess

Photography in History · Photojournalism

History in Pictures

Joseph Byron Group Selfie – December 1920 Who knows if it is or not, but this may very well be the first ever group Selfie taken… although I’m pretty sure they didn’t call it that! This group portrait was taken in the 1920s on a rooftop in New York City. This image is of the group taking the resulting image below… Continue reading History in Pictures

My Photography · TBT


This model’s name is Michelle. I think she started off modeling just for fun. (I’ve helped several models with starter modeling portfolios) Not too long after this session, she started working out vigorously and became a fitness model, entering competitions, etc. Here are just a few of the images I photographed of Michelle (prior to… Continue reading TBT

Featured Photography (FP)

(FP) Thomas G Anderson

This month’s Featured Photographer (FP), is Thomas G Anderson. Unfortunately, I don’t know much about Thomas G Anderson. But what I do know is that his current body of work is straight out of an episode of American Horror Story and what nightmares are made of… and I adore it! As an avid horror fanatic,… Continue reading (FP) Thomas G Anderson