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Another Applebee’s #burger

Ah, The American Standard Burger at Applebees. Pickles, bacon, and onion seared all to perfection into an all-beef patty and topped with American cheese and their signature sauce. Served with limited edition truffle fries! I paired my lunch with a Jacks Berry Smash. #Delicious! You can make it at home too! Recipe for Jacks Berry Smash: Glass: Regular Build: 4… Continue reading Another Applebee’s #burger

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Put a little salad on my steak, would ya?

This HelloFresh recipe was one of my favorites that I keep on repeat. Bring me all the beef! Sliced Steak Tagliata with Sweet Potato Wedges and warm tomato vinaigrette over mixed salad greens. The recipe calls for much more beef than greens, so #Winning! Am I right?! Who else loves a great medium rare steak?

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Another At Home Burger! #CapRegionBurgerBabe

Gimme all the burgers! How many burgers can you eat in your lifetime before you officially clog your arteries? #AskingForAFriend And by friend, I mean me, cause I have no friends. lol Just kidding, kinda, sorta… oh look, burgers! Fresh ground beef mixed with fresh herbs and onions makes for an awesome burger, even without the cheese,… Continue reading Another At Home Burger! #CapRegionBurgerBabe

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Mojito, Mojito…

I always say this in a funny voice. Picture it now, in your head… small, slightly twanged… “Mojito, Mojito”. Did you do it? lol My first refreshing #mojito was at my good friend Jennifer’s wedding. I’m pretty sure I drank an entire pitcher by myself. #YUM! This cucumber, mint concoction was muddled up to perfection… Continue reading Mojito, Mojito…

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Light your way!

I want to travel so bad. I have a long time dream, obsession, passion of being a National Geographic photographer ever since I was a kid… mixed in with a bit of amateur archeology. I have a thirst for history; more so just knowledge in general, that I have been obsessed with learning any and everything… Continue reading Light your way!