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This Throwback Thursday (TBT) is dedicated to my friend Scott and his soon-to-be-bride Tuesday. They are getting married this Saturday!!! I couldn’t be happier for them. Here are some shots that I took of them in the calming woods, where they will be wed, Castle Breitenbach! You can see the beautiful location here: http://tebreitenbach.com/rentourcastle/ I was… Continue reading TBT

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Old town feel and pups!

The photographic opportunities are endless at Castle Breitenbach! Seriously, you could have any type of wedding at this place! I especially adore the barns. You guys should know by now how much I adore em… if not, check em out! Upstate is chock full of barns, and they are so pretty to me… the more… Continue reading Old town feel and pups!

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Save the Date

There are plenty of ways one announces their betrothal these days… Save the Dates have taken over our western culture as a staple. I’ve always made invitations and other pieces since way back to my marketing days… Save the Dates are just another fun way to play with fonts and photographs… two of my favorite things!… Continue reading Save the Date

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Young Love

I photographed an engagement shoot at Breitenbach Castle on a beautiful sunny afternoon in Upstate New York… Altamont. We didn’t shoot in the actual castle, as the lovely couple, Scott and Tuesday, will be getting married at the castle as well. They spend a lot of time out in the woods surrounding the castle with their… Continue reading Young Love

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TBT – Engagement Edition

Happy Throw Back Thursday Everyone! This TBT is all about Engagements! I’ll be shooting an engagement/save the date session this Saturday so I thought it was befitting to show some of my prior engagement shots. Here’s some of my work:   Let me know what you think in the comments below! I appreciate the feedback.… Continue reading TBT – Engagement Edition