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Smash Burger!

I. Fucking. Love. Cheeseburgers! Legit, I’m obsessed. Any and every kind. I’ve told you this before (insert blog link here). 😉 My Husband introduced me to SmashBurger at the Clifton Park, NY location and I was not disappointed at all! Mozzarella Truffle Burger and Garlic Butter Fries, I’m in Big Girl Heaven! #Winning! For a chain,… Continue reading Smash Burger!

My Photography

Bands – Live

I often miss photographing bands live. Lots of different types of bands, lots of different types of music. This was my bread and butter for a long time and I got to meet a lot of great people! I was also introduced to a lot of different music. I’d like to get back into shooting bands… Continue reading Bands – Live