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Day After the Inauguration

So, I’ve finally started blogging again… as you can clearly read/see… and I’m finding all sorts of old stuff (I mean really old stuff) that I shot, wrote up, and failed to ever post. Here’s one… The Day After the Inauguration…. So, President Trump was inaugurated into service on 11/8/2016. No matter what “side” you’re… Continue reading Day After the Inauguration

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Scotia is a village in Schenectady County, NY, incorporated in 1904. In 2010, the census shown a population of 7729 people. Scotia is one of those villages, that’s part of a town (Glenville), which is connected to a city (Schenectady – Place Beyond the Pines), and also where I hold my day job. You didn’t… Continue reading Sco-Town

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Albany City Hall Bell

Here are some images I took of the original Albany NY City Hall Bell that now resides in Albany’s Lincoln Park. On September 28th in 1883, @AlbanyCityHall‘s original bell was hoisted and hung inside the bell tower. This city hall building was a Greek revival and was built using white marble with its entry porch supported by four Doric columns. The roof had… Continue reading Albany City Hall Bell