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Public School 17

I’ve previously posted Spring/Summer photos of Public School 17. Here are some Fall/Winter shots as well: Public School No. 17 was built in 1875 and served the growing South End (my hometown neighborhood!) up until the 1970’s. It now has a more macabre, creepy, horror movie quality about it (that I quite enjoy!). It also is… Continue reading Public School 17

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Shoe Tossing

There is no universal meaning for shoes hanging on power lines, but one is able to interpret the message depending on the location of the shoes. Some kids perform shoe tossing simply because they have witnessed others do it. For others… it is a symbol of a prime drug-dealing location, gang representation, or even death.  

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Albany City Hall Bell

Here are some images I took of the original Albany NY City Hall Bell that now resides in Albany’s Lincoln Park. On September 28th in 1883, @AlbanyCityHall‘s original bell was hoisted and hung inside the bell tower. This city hall building was a Greek revival and was built using white marble with its entry porch supported by four Doric columns. The roof had… Continue reading Albany City Hall Bell