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Public School 17

I’ve previously posted Spring/Summer photos of Public School 17. Here are some Fall/Winter shots as well: Public School No. 17¬†was built in 1875 and served the growing South End (my hometown neighborhood!) up until the 1970’s. It now has a more macabre, creepy, horror movie quality about it (that I quite enjoy!). It also is… Continue reading Public School 17

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Public School No. 17

This school was built in 1875 and served the growing South End up until the 1970’s. My mom and her twin brother went there! The style is a cross between ornate Victorian and stark utilitarian. Notice the fancy use of the brick?! Located on the corner of Stephen and Second Avenue this Old School needs… Continue reading Public School No. 17

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Action Lanes Sees No Action Anymore

This used to be a bowling alley… Action Lanes. Right across from my childhood home (where I recently moved back into). This is the place that my parents met. It’s no longer a bowling alley and all remnants thereof are gone. It’s a constant reminder that nothing lasts and nature will always take back what… Continue reading Action Lanes Sees No Action Anymore