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Day After the Inauguration

So, I’ve finally started blogging again… as you can clearly read/see… and I’m finding all sorts of old stuff (I mean really old stuff) that I shot, wrote up, and failed to ever post.

Here’s one…
The Day After the Inauguration….


So, President Trump was inaugurated into service on 11/8/2016. No matter what “side” you’re on, you gotta admit November 8th was a big deal. But quickly, speaking of sides, I frankly think we should just be on the side of America, one nation,
but ya know… humans.

Anywho, all over media you were blasted with photos…
rallies, the speeches, the details, yada, yada…

I decided to, instead, take photos of the morning after he was inaugurated; 11/9/2016. There was such a quiet hush over the Capitol Region area… no traffic, no people; desolate, and for downtown Albany, NY, that’s really weird. Remnants of caution tape and blockades for rally-goers, etc.

So, here’s some pics of that!


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