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Scotia is a village in Schenectady County, NY, incorporated in 1904.
In 2010, the census shown a population of 7729 people.

Scotia is one of those villages, that’s part of a town (Glenville), which is connected to a city (Schenectady – Place Beyond the Pines), and also where I hold my day job. You didn’t think blogging afforded me my wonderful life did ya? (Um, not sarcastic at all! I’d
love it to be true though! One can dream.)

The village is connected to the city by the Western Gateway Bridge over the Mohawk River. In the 17th century, Alexander Lindsay Glen (Glenville) purchased the land from the Mohawk people. Glen named his estate Scotia, which is Latin for Scotland, Glens home country.

All sorts of stuff happened historically here. Scotia was a military encampment during the 1754 French and Indian War and again during the War of 1812. Seems like an awful lot of fighting up here.

After all that settled down, Scotia was then known for its mass production of brooms; over 1 million annually for a time. (Probably to clean up the big mess all that fighting brought about eh? Ok, I’ll stop.)

During the 20th century, Sco-Town (as the locals call it), became a thriving community for employees of prominent Schenectady employers, like General Electric.

Here’s a couple old scotia buildings. I’m positive I’ll post more Sco-Town at a later date.

I shot these on the same day, so I can’t explain why one is more ominous looking than the other. That’s upstate NY weather for ya!

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