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HALLOWEEN!!!! Yes, those are all caps. Yes, I love Halloween!


I can’t believe I never posted these pics.
More #LostFiles.
It’s my all time, most favorist time, of the whoooollllleeeeee entire year!

We just moved into this house a year ago this month actually, so I wasn’t able to get all of my Halloween goodies out of storage in time for this past Halloween. Even though, I still had the neighborhood telling me how creepy my house was. (Yes! Success!)

I only had 12 pumpkins this past year, cause I ran outta time, but I’ll for sure have at least 20 this year! I can’t wait!

There’s only 140 days until this Halloween (2018)! And you bet your behind that I’ll be pulling out all the stops!

And just for some silliness; here’s my brother (Undertaker) and my
nephew (The Law) in their costumes. 🙂


20171031_183524                  20171031_183520

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