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My husband is a musician, playing mostly in metal bands. So of course, I go to lot of metal shows as a tag along. Some of it is not my cup of tea, (I’m more of an alternative, jazz, and 70’s rock gal I suppose) but Balor rocked! We haven’t been to a bunch in a while, but it’s show season and we’ve jumped both feet forward!
Our latest venture was to the OrganHarvest CD Release Show at Chrome in Waterford. My very first time at Chrome, and what a place. Massive and a great stage and sound system! (I’m excited to shoot more there.) One of hubby’s good friends opened that night in a band named, Balor. So I took some shots. There will be more posted on my Facebook, but here’s a few I liked.
Let me know what you think! I feel so out of practice.
Also, here’s Balor’s Biography from their Facebook page:

Born in the early spring of 2017 , Balor has set forth a new standard of heavy music. “ It’s all of our many musical influences at work , at all times “ – said Ian Reilly ( Balor guitarist ) in a recent interview. As it turns out , he’s absolutely right. Whether you’re a fan of thrash , grind or even hardcore music you would be doing yourself an enormous disservice by not checking out Balor !!

Balor is no stranger to the prominent upstate New York metal / hardcore scene. Members – Phil Shannon ( drums Abhorrent Aggression/The Killing Condition ) Rhandy Smith ( guitar Violent By Design/Remains of Rage ) Eric Riberdy ( bass Built For Battle/The Killing Condition ) Todd Farrell ( vocals 357 Justice/Playing The Victim/Built For Battle) and Ian Reilly ( guitar Playing The Victim/Wasteform/The Killing Condition) are all seasoned veterans that have hit a stride that is not compromised by any other.
“ The sound is fresh – it’s grindy- it has tremendous groove and at times is as melodic as it is intense “ says Dustin Rose , vocalist of upstate New York’s Titans Assault On The Living.
“ It’s been something that I’ve been waiting to hear – and I couldn’t be more excited than to be making the grind with these dudes !” – says Todd Farrell.

So , if heavy music is your thing , do yourself a favor and check out Balor !
Stay tuned , there’s much more to come.

Great guys and great musicians. Go check them out!
See ya at the next show!

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