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New Model – Jeanna

I’ve been doing lots of shooting (and gardening – of course pics will come!) and I’ve been LOVING IT! Getting outdoors, enjoying the fresh air, seeing old friends;

yada, yada, yada…

Amongst the shows I’ve been shooting, I’ve also been getting in some model shoots!

Here’s a couple shots from one I did of a new model, Jeanna!


We had a lot of fun, and crammed in lots of looks in the short 2 1/2 hours shooting time we booked.


I even shot video for the first time!

It’s 2018, and instead of the plain ole look books with actual prints, I wanted to provide a new service of a “digital look book” via video!

Now, this is my very first ever video shoot AND edited by me! I know, scary right?!

I used Filmora video editing and I LOVED IT! Super easy to use and great results!

Subscribe to my YouTube and check it out!

You can see the video right by clicking here for my YouTube Channel!

I’ll be posting more from Jeanna’s shoot (probably mostly on my facebook: TTheLPHOTO)

As always, thanks for checking out some of my work! I appreciate any feedback or comments you may have.

❤ Doll!

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