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Today is 4 months to the day that my dad has passed away. I love and miss him tremendously. He was my best friend.


It is also #nationalwearredday for the #americanheartassociation.


In an effort to raise funds for AmericanHeartAssociation across all my social media, I am asking each of my friends/followers on all forms of social media to please visit https://donate.heart.org/ and donate just 1$ in honor of my dad Charles Sivaslian or for your loved ones or in general.


Then take a photo like mine below and send it to me.


I’m creating a big video of all those that donate and uploading it to Youtube and sharing with the American Heart Association. This is a preemptive push prior to our October motorcycle ride and fundraising event in honor of my father.



I appreciate all your help!!! We can make a difference. Thank you. I love you all.


4 thoughts on “#nationalwearredday 

  1. This is so sad. Your dad was much too young. My wife turned 59 on October 3, 2016, and I went into the hospital for a stem cell transplant on October 10, 2016. It just doesn’t seem fair that while I got a new life, your dad lost his. I’ve worn all black for the past 25 years, not a speck of red in my wardrobe, but I drive a red car, so I hope that counts. I lost my dad in 2007 — he was 84. I sat with him all night until he took his last breath. I found it so hard to lose my dad, and I still have dreams where we are doing things together. I can only image how difficult it is, and has been, for you to lose your dad when he was still so young. I wish you the best as you press onward and live your life to it’s fullest. I love your photos today — you are lovely. Oh, I almost forgot, I donated.

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    1. He was too young. I’m happy you were given more time. Thank you for your kind words. I love and miss him everyday. Thank you so much for the kind words. If you’re on snapchat, please feel free to add me and send a photograph so I may include you with your red car for the video! Timothy for your donation, every dollar makes a difference to finding better ways to save our hearts. xoxoxoxo

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