6 thoughts on “Day 17 – CaptureMY365 – 2017

      1. Twin lens reflexes are cool. I noticed that Lomograghy (I think is) has an instant film twin lens reflex out. 120 film is readily available. You might be surprised by the quality of images that camera can produce.

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      2. The original battery for the Yashica 12 was a 1.35V mercury battery, which have been outlawed. You can use a 1.5v battery in it, but the light meter will be off 1 to 2 stops. You can find 1.35v zinc batteries, but they are really expensive, like $8 a battery, and they have a relatively short battery life. You can use the 1.5v battery, you just need to run a roll of film bracketing exposures to figure out how the light meter is dealing with the extra voltage. You can not worry about a battery and just use the sun, cloudy, and shade settings in the film instructions. or get a cheap handheld light meter.

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