Featured Photography (FP)

Featured Photography (FP)

My current Featured Photographer is Olivier Ramonteu of Lyon, France.
Olivier explores limits and boundaries regarding our identity and image of the world.
He believes an image must be a universe within it… a world that must be within ours to upset. (I love that statement.)
Ramonteu’s universe mixes elements of real and dreamlike atmospheres that slip often into dissonant patterns. His works border on reality, the dream and the nightmare. I adore his double exposure works.
When viewing his works, do not look for satisfaction of plastic beauty, do not look for psychological truth. You wouldn’t find them. Linger instead on the cracks of the earthquakes of the soul, on the chills of the heart.
Who knows if they will not echo some wave to the soul, to a secret melancholy, murky silt of your identity?

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