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August Photo Challenge

I wanted to do a photo challenge for the month of August to get my creative juices flowing so I went to good ole trusty Bing search to gain inspiration.

They were all the same. I needed to do something different, of course. So, I thought back to what have I photographed the most of, and enjoyed… BANDS!


That’s me there:







(Image credited to Bill Maas – rare photo of me as I don’t ever get photographed)

I’ve always jumped head first into any live show I was asked to shoot. Literally.. in the middle of the pits and all.
(We have a pretty big metal/rock/punk scene here in Upstate, NY)

But I do that with all photographs I take… do whatever is needed to get a shot.


So, any way… back to this August photo challenge I came up with. I’ve titled it:
August Song Title Photo Challenge (ASTPC).

I asked all my followers on my Facebook to give me their favorite song titles, no artist names mentioned, and I would interpret those titles with an image/or set of images I feel represent it. Some may have to be literal, but some are interpretative. I’m excited and feel really creative and can’t wait to share with you all that flows from my brain.

I’ve had some, lets just say, unique song titles given and instead of shying away, I’m embracing them. 🙂

I hope you all enjoy and would love your feedback on the shoots! I’ll title each day in August’s blog related to this project as: ASTPC: (and the song title name).

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