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1964 Worlds Fair Dinosaur Transport1964 Worlds Fair Dinosaur Transport

Imagine that you happened upon the Hudson River on a regular New York day in October…1963….. when all of a sudden you notice a barge carrying five giant dinosaurs heading downriver.

Quickly, it becomes clear exactly what these dinosaurs are up to by the markings on the barge…. “Sinclair Dinosaurs on Way to N.Y. World’s Fair”.

Created in upstate New York (Albany, my hometown) by the Sinclair Refining (International Oil) Company… the oil company with a dino for its logo. They were then transported to the site of the 1964 World’s Fair in Queens, New York.

After the dinos visit to the Worlds Fair, they were displayed as part of a dinosaur exhibit sponsored by none other than Sinclair.


And here is what the grounds of the World’s Fair look like as of 2015.

Here are some then and now shots….


I plan to make my own trek from upstate to Queens to take my own images of the grounds.

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