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Skies are another part of nature I’m beyond drawn to. It can be the same location… over and over, but mother nature has a way to make it look different everyday. And she does it so beautifully.

Here are some of my favorite skies over the past years.

This was the viewing leaving Manhattan 2015…
like the sky opened up and said hello, thanks for visiting.


I photographed this while laying on the top of this old Ford Explorer I used to have. It’s a whole different view and feeling looking straight up, off the ground like that.


This is a few years later from the last image in the same spot (Menands Flats – where we used to play ultimate Frisbee), this time with my feet on the ground.


I loved the way that the sky almost engulfed the horizon and ground here…


This is not a double exposure. The sky was perfectly reflecting in the liquor store window (of course I was at the liquor store, right?!).
I named this one “Head in the Clouds”… ol’Jack has that affect.


**Edge Photography is the name I previously used to go by. After 15 years, a change/rebranding refresh was definitely needed.**

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