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Alexander and Clinton

Back in May, I was commissioned to shoot a bunch of the older buildings and churches that meant a lot to the client I was shooting for. Here are some of the Alexander and Clinton Church images, called the Evangelical Protestant Church.



The Evangelical Protestant Church in Albany, New York, was established in 1850 to serve the community of German settlers and immigrants who, at the time, resided largely in the city’s south end (that’s where I was born and raised and still live today… like many of my family). For many years it was called the German Evangelical Protestant Church, which clearly identified it with the ethnic origins of its founders and members. The ethnic distinction in its name appears to have been phased out in the early-twentieth century.

During its first year, worship services were held mostly in the home of Peter Kunz, at the corner of Bassett and Green streets in Albany. By December 1850 fifty families had affiliated with the congregation, so there was a need for a permanent meetinghouse. In 1851 they purchased a vacant lot at the corner of Clinton and Alexander streets for $600.00, and erected a 36-feet x 50-feet wood frame building. On August 31, 1851, the church building was completed and dedicated.

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