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 It’s day 7 without my cell phone…
(It’s being repaired due to a manufacturer defect after 40 days from purchase).
I truly thought it’d be harder than it is. Frankly… it’s kind of nice not having it.
I’m getting lots done; including, catching up on my pen pal correspondence.

I write with several friends that live afar, and also new pals found on Global Pen Pals.

I love good ole snail mail and missed having others to correspond with this way. In this age of hyper communication and constant contact via social media… I felt the need to take a step back and take some time.

I’d really like to write with more people. Sometimes it’s a little difficult finding random people that are willing to just hand over their address, can’t imagine why.

I feel like sometimes we are all too guarded and need to let life happen, just a little.




Do you have pen pals? Do you want to be pen pals?
I’m open to corresponding with others. Just email me (tthelphoto@gmail.com)
your name, address, and facebook link and let’s start corresponding!

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