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When the Tulips Fade

Each year in my hometown of Albany, New York, the city puts on it’s signature spring event… the annual Tulip Festival. Rooted in our city’s rich Dutch heritage, traditions are upheld featuring 100 local artists selling handmade crafts, a variety of foods, and in more recent times, 2 stages of live entertainment.

And of course,  more than 140,000 tulips in 150 different varieties… all showcased in historic Washington Park, known as the 81 acre “crown jewel” of the city.

The festival began on May 14, 1949 and is a way for all locals and travelers alike, to revel in the city’s rich history on Mother’s Day weekend.

Because it’s Mother’s Day weekend that it is always held, we usually get a lot of rain in the weeks after. This year, like clockwork, we got rain…

April Showers bring May flowers… May rains and flowers fade!

And fade so beautifully they do…..



I shot this at night with my Nikon D300 and stationary camera flash while strolling through Washington Park.

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