Featured Photography (FP)

(FP) – Mira Nedyalkova

This month’s Featured Photographer (FP) is….


Mira Nedyalkova

Mira is a wonderful painter turned photographer. And yet, her photographs still look like paintings to me.

She uses pain as beauty and eroticism as a psychological way of life. The majority of her works are in the water. Water is filled with tremendous energy like her works… life and power… all while posing risk and threat.

There is transparency and purity in water with light reflecting and transforming everything it comes in contact with all at the same time.

Mira is a very deep and thoughtful photographer.

These conflicting viewpoints bring about a fantastical visual delight.


You can find more of her work on her webpage HERE!


This is one of my favorite images:


To me, her images evoke many emotions.
They too, also remind me of crime scenes in water. That last moment a woman who was hurt takes her last breath. Her body dancing a slow, sad death down to the bottom.

Let me know your thought about her works in the comments!

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