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Please allow me to introduce myself….

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Through the Lens Photography… capturing everything you see and in between.

I started this blog with one purpose in mind…

To gain momentum for my newly revamped photog biz .
If you haven’t guessed the name by now, Through the Lens Photography (TTL)… that’s me!
I really don’t know what to write at this point so we will see how this goes and if I can get you to come back and read some more.

This first post is going to serve as a little intro… it’s of lace I found in my mass abyss of goodies – semi hoarding situations occurring and being dealt with – that I then laid multiple layers of grime and gunk in Photoshop and my new name/logo.
It was the first thing I did for the new year, and as I grow and change; and be a girl; I’m sure it will change much over time.

Speaking of changes, lots of changes happened for me in 2015.
Getting divorced, rediscovering myself, getting healthy, revamp of the photography…

I’ve been shooting for 16 years now… seems crazy. I feel like I shouldn’t be old enough to have shot for that long, but alas…

I’m a list person and started making a list of what would surely be incoherent ramblings or nothing; and of course, chatty me (in my own mind) came up with a huge list of things I’d love to share with you guys… yeah you, yous out there reading this. You are reading this, right?

A little of me, a lot of photography. So… join me and here we go!

P.S. Hope you don’t mind ellipses.

Footnote… I started numerous drafts and saved but didn’t publish till the date above because I was nervous. Why, I asked myself… you don’t know me. Yet…

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