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Wait a minute… let me take a selfie….

So, last night I went out to shoot some night photography. I still hadn’t gone to the gym (new year, new me stuff)… so my brother joined me and we ventured out into the greater Albany area of NY (my stomping ground, hometown!) for some night photography and cardio! Couldn’t get a better combo eh?!… Continue reading Wait a minute… let me take a selfie….

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Rain, rain… stay.

I’ve never been one to shy away from the weather. I quite enjoy those moments right before and right after a storm… getting swept up in the middle. Not only is it conducive to my mood most of the time, but it makes for great photos and perfect times to read. I’ll leave the windows… Continue reading Rain, rain… stay.

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My New Cheers!

So, I’ve found this great place that I’m going to be making my “have a beer after work” place. Cool place, great people, awesome ambience. Mohawk Taproom! If you’re ever in the Scotia/Schenectady area, check them out and don’t forget to hashtag while you’re there! #schenectadydoesntsuck #scotiadoesntsuckeither   Anyhow, I’ve only ever been there with… Continue reading My New Cheers!